Our Team

The Secure-Tactics IT Solutions team are multidisciplinary technology specialists with experience in building systems, software engineering, attacking and defending networks, as well as project management, policy review, and third-party vendor management.

Our specialists hold top certifications from technology and information security organizations and work directly with industries such as finance, retail, healthcare, energy, education, and defense. By bridging our cross-industry operational expertise with precision knowledge of information security, we offer all our clients value by assessing and improving their security posture.

Our Mission

We believe that organizations of all shapes and sizes must adequately protect their information assets, yet many lack the resources or time to effectively address them.

By working closely together as partners rather than being vendors and clients, our mission is to provide you the information necessary to protect your enterprise as pragmatically and efficiently as possible.

On the internet, there is no such thing as being too small to be a target.


Risk Assessment

Businesses thrive on calculated risk. How accurately do you manage the risks of the information technologies in place to support your enterprise? A Secure-Tactics Risk Assessment will help you enumerate high value assets, discover threats and vulnerabilities, determine impact, and identify countermeasures. Let us help you make informed decisions on protecting your enterprise so you can run your operations efficiently and profitably.

Penetration Testing

Get actionable intel on your environment before the enemy takes advantage of your weaknesses. Expert Secure-Tactics ethical hackers will pursue attack scenarios and evaluate the true security of your information by using the same tactics that a malicious threat actor would use. Not only will you know what is possible, but also what can be done to protect your business from disaster before its too late.

Incident Response

A network breach can happen at any time, threatening severe impact to your business and customer data. We offer a full range of response services allowing you to return to business as usual as quickly as possible. Whether you need a single computer investigated for malware or need to create enterprise incident respone plans and protocol, Secure-Tactics is here to help.

Ignorance is no option. Take steps today to secure your business for tomorrow.

Contact us

For any inquiries about our services or to set up a custom project for your organization, email us at info@secure-tactics.com, or call us at 1-888-723-2030.